Monday, September 9, 2013

Living Room Part 1: How To Paint Wood Paneling

Lets take a trip down memory lane back a few months the house tour. Remember this dated and dark living room? Well I sure do and I'm beyond excited its gone! Spoiler alert

How to paint wood paneling

I am so thankful we tackled this painting job while we were still on the honeymoon phase of our house. It was a three week long project and after working all day it was the last thing we wanted to do but we keep chugging and made it through. Whew! At least the hardest room is done painting wise. 

This will be several parts so stay tuned this week. 

First we primed the paneling and brick. We felt it was necessary to paint the brick too because there isn't a ton of light in the lower level and we really wanted to brighten everything up. 

How to paint wood paneling

We primed it with kills complete oil based primer and boy did we learn a few lessons with oil based paint. 

How to paint wood paneling

1. Its almost impossible to get out of a paint brush so don't use your nicest one. Get a junky one and throw it away when you are finished.
2. Kills complete stinks! 

How to paint wood paneling

The good thing about oil based paint and why we used it is because it helps cover up stained wood and wood grain as well as sealing the pores of the brick. Both of which we needed it for. Overall though it wasn't a bad experience we just learned a lot and had countless trips to Home Depot. 

What were some of the hardest projects you've done in your home?

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