Friday, September 6, 2013

House Warming Party

This past weekend we had our first big party in our new home. After much contemplation we decided we would host a house warming party for friends and family. Although there was a lot of prep work involved it turned out to be a blast!

I wanted it to be very casual nothing over the top so we decided to grill out. Being new home owners and not have a ton of money we chose hot dogs only because they are much cheeper than hambergurs. But to spice up the hot dogs I turned it in to a hot dog bar. I am not a cook so I made the menu easy.

We had:

Hot dog bar:
  BBQ bacon
  Chili dog
  All American
Loaded potato salad
Baked beans

Because I'm not a cook and didn't want to try a new recipe on my guest for the first time I asked my mom to make the loaded potato salad. Boy was that a hit!

I have seen on pinterest the idea of putting paper down and then writing with sharpie to label all your dishes. I just loved the idea and knew I had to do it. It was super inexpensive and cheep... which I love! Thanks to my sister for doing all the awesome writing. 

Overall it was a hit and everyone had a great time. Did you have a house warming party in your new home?

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