Friday, May 17, 2013

Packing Tips

As I mentioned before my husband and I bought a house! So this means the packing and moving process begins. I want to make it as smooth as possible so I have come up with some tips. 

Write it down

Make a schedule. We both work full time so to come home after a full day of work and pack is not happening. This means we only have weekends to pack which limits our available days to get it all done. Planning out ahead of time is key. 

We only have 6 weeks from Saturday till we move (eeppp!) so I have broken each area or room down to a weekend making the spaces we used most last. 

Purge then Pack

DONT.PACK.JUNK. In this process I refuse to pack junk. Use the rule "have you used it in the last 6 months". If not its out of here.

Label everything

On moving day you want to make sure your boxes are clearly labeled so the people that are helping you know where the box goes or whats in the box... fragile. Another point when it comes to labeling  make sure not only your box is clearly marked but the room to where the box is going to go should be clearly marked. It maybe obvious that "kitchen" boxes go to the kitchen but what about the bedrooms? My plan is to have the bedrooms labeled 1,2 and 3 as well as the corresponding box. That way there is no guessing and makes it easy on everyone.

What are some tips you have when it comes to pick up your whole life and relocating? I have only done it a few times in my life so I am not an expert and would love to here some suggestions!

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