Wednesday, June 5, 2013

When You Burn The Banana Bread....

...just add icing! Banana bread is gold here in this house hold. We devour it in minutes and it was almost tragic when I told my husband he couldn't eat it till I photographed it in the morning. 

I have made banana bread countless time and have always used the same recipe here. Its delicious, doesn't call for nuts and doesn't require 3 bananas like most. This time I mindlessly put the banana bread in the oven and forgot about it! Thankfully not too long but long enough to get the top extra dark...maybe that's what I was going for. I quickly went in to fixing mode and whipped out the icing. You would now never notice and let me say I'm all for adding more yummy calories to anything.

So there you have it! Do you have any yummy recipes you would like to share? I am a newbie to cooking and would love to here some new recipes:)


  1. oh man this looks GREAT!!! I think I will be adding icing if I have burned it or not hah.


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