Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Before Moving Checklist

Moving can be hectic and unorganized if you don't plan properly. A few weeks ago I talked about packing tips while moving. Today I have come up with a before moving checklist.

To Call
  • Utilities. Its a good idea to call them about a week before to make sure you aren't out any necessities like power. 
  • Cable and Internet. Same as utilities I would suggest calling approximately a week before.
  • The City. Or area you will be moving to. For us we will want to know more about the city and important information as a new resident.
To Rent
  • Moving truck. If you don't have vehicles big enough to move all your belongings like most, it is likely you will need to rent some sort of moving truck.
  • Supplies. You can rent anything from cardboard boxes to dollies. 
To Gather
  • Movers. Make sure you have confirmed with friends and family who is available to help you move. You wont want to be short handed on moving day.
  • Food and Drinks. Its always nice to provide some sort of food and drink for you helpers. We are moving early morning and plan to be done around lunch. I have organized my mother and mother-in-law to help with food. I will provide drinks and a side dish for the lunch.
Here are just a few tips. Happy moving!

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