Monday, April 22, 2013

House Hunting Blues

This past weekend my husband and I went through every house in our price range in our desired are we want. Talk about exhausting  We fell in love with 1 particular house and ask the Realtor if we could come back on Sunday to take a second look at it. With in an hour of being home from house hunting we got a phone call...and disappointing phone call. The house we had fallen in love with went into contract. Were we upset? Yes. Were we disappointed  Yes. What we did know is God knows what he is doing and the house he has planed for us will come. We only seriously started looking this past week. Here are a few tips on how not to get the house hunting blues.

Don't fall in love with a house on the internet. What we have learned is houses look much different in person. You are up close and can see all the flaws the pictures didn't reveal. It has been very disappointing at times but just move on in a positive attitude. That's all you really can do. 

No house is perfect even if you built a custom home you will probably compromise with something. So go in knowing most things can be changed and altered to your style. Cosmetic changes are obviously the easiest and budget friendly compared to a structural change. Remember the paint color can always be changed!

Be positive when looking at house. Don't get hung up on one thing wrong with the house...unless it serious and a costly fix. Just remember the perfect house that God intended you to have is out there and in the right timing he will reveal that. 

Jesse and I are constantly praying for that house. We pray often to that this house will not only be to provide shelter for our family but to be a welcoming place for friends and family. A place where we can share Gods word. 

Happy House Hunting!

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