Monday, April 8, 2013

Buying our First Home

These past few days have been really exciting yet nerve-racking for us and let me tell you why. We are starting our house search. YAY!! As for most newlyweds and first time home buyer it will be the biggest purchases of our live so far. Exciting? Yes!  Nervous? Yes! Although we will be broker than broke the first few months after purchasing a home it will be great to finally settle into a place, decorate the walls and buy furniture to fit OUR space and style. 

Jesse and I have been married for 9 months now but have really never lived on our own just the 2 of us. We are currently renting a 1 bed 1 bath garage apartment from his parents. It is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the first few months of marriage but it is still attached to the rest of the house. So we are ready for our own separate space. 

Because  the home buying processes is not the quickest and because I'm not known to be a super patient person I have decided to blog the process.  This will help hopefully (crossing fingers) pass time quickly and also be a document of a huge thing in our life. I plan to share steps and tips from start to finish on what the whole house buying deal is all about. I am no way an expert at houses or the whole mortgage process but I love looking at house for sale online and  going through model homes (fun fact: growing up as a fun activity my family would walk through model homes on the weekends...lame). Its so fascinating all the different layouts and styles houses can offer! 

So here's to house hunting and the whole process that comes with it!

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