Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIY Placemat

Placemats are whats happening today on the blog. They are super easy and adorable. You can make them with any fabric that coordinates best with your style I just love stripes:)

Placemats tend to range from 12"-14"X16"-20". I picked a size right in the middle...14"X18". The interfacing I'm using is just extra I had from another project. It's lightweight and is iron on, on one side. I cut the fabric out in one big rectangle (28X18) and then cut it in half to make two rectangles.  

I ironed on the interfacing to the back of one of the pieces of fabric. Weird fact... I love doing this step, its weird I know!

Putting right sides together, pin and sew around all four sides. But don't forget to leave an opening so you can turn it right side out. Mine was about four inches

I turned the placemat right side out and ironed it. 

This is the opening nice and pressed. Now you are going to top stitch close to the edge to close the opening and to make it look pretty!

I made two with this project because we are just a family of two. I am super excited to us them tonight at dinner! Hope you enjoyed!

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